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We are dedicated to the zealous and thoughtful representation of clients in the State of Washington who have been charged with a criminal offense.

We are experienced defense attorneys who have taught our peers, published articles in the field, influenced legislation affecting criminal justice and received awards. But it is the results we achieve for our clients that we value most.

In every case, our goal is to vigorously defend constitutional and individual rights, and to protect our client both in and out of the court system.

We know that the criminal justice system can be dehumanizing, even brutal. We understand that an accusation can result in imprisonment, job loss, financial difficulty, damage to reputation, strained personal relationships and immigration consequences. In short, a criminal accusation can jeopardize an otherwise bright future.

Our mission is to compassionately guide clients through the challenges of the legal system and obtain the best possible outcome.

  • Trial cases: In some cases, the best results are achieved by going to trial. We approach trials with tenacity, diligence and an attention to detail that has proved successful.
  • Legal motions and advocacy: In other cases, the best results come from legal motions or advocacy on appeal. We have been recognized for our creative and persuasive writing and oral argument.

In every case, the best results come from connecting with and understanding our individual client. We keep our caseload small, so we can work hard and give you our utmost personal attention and expertise.

The bottom line: By identifying each client's concerns and helping you and your family members understand the processes and options available, the attorneys at Gordon & Saunders make sure your voice is heard, and that you receive the best outcome.


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